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At this time of the year, with pain in my heart and tears in my eyes at the loss of my best friend and soul companion, I reach out across the miles to greet all my blog readers. I promise to return in the new year with a vigor and the passion I once had. Now I wish to thank you for your support.


Friday, October 23, 2009


NOV 14, 1955 - OCT 18, 2009


I love you, baby. Gone but not forgotten!!!

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Imagine what some people will do!!!

Steamed woman fries hubby's goldfish

PASADENA, Texas (UPI) -- Police in Texas say a woman took her common-law husband's goldfish and ate them to get back at him for taking back jewelry he had given her.

Pasadena Police Department spokesman Vance Mitchell said the couple argued about the jewelry and the woman went to the man's home after he refused to return the items to her -- and took seven goldfish, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Mitchell said the man called police and officers went to the woman's home to attempt to return the fish.

"She said, 'They're in there,' and pointed to the kitchen," Mitchell said.

He said police found four of the fish fried on a plate and the woman told them she had already eaten the other three. Officers determined the fish were community property because they had been purchased while the couple lived together.

"There was nothing we could do," Mitchell said. "If he wants to pursue it, it's a civil case."

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Friday, October 16, 2009


Police: Psychic lied about attack

GREENWICH, Conn. (UPI) -- Authorities in Connecticut said a professional psychic was arrested for allegedly making up a story about being attacked by rival psychics.

Greenwich police said Janet Lee, 35, who bills herself as the "foremost psychic in New England," turned herself in to police Saturday and was charged with falsely reporting an incident, interfering with an officer and providing a false statement, The Greenwich Time reported.

Investigators said Lee claimed to have been attacked by a man July 11 outside of her Greenwich Avenue store, following a series of threatening phone calls she attributed to rival psychics. Lee had a black eye and a cut on her face when she was interviewed by police.

However, investigators said evidence indicates Lee was not attacked outside of her store, but rather by someone she knew in the town of Norwalk.

"There were numerous inconsistencies with her story and her timeframe," Detective Robert Brown said. "This, more than likely, happened in Norwalk because the evidence shows she was in Norwalk during the timeframe it had taken place."

Police said they have not yet determined a possible motive for Lee lying to investigators.

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Man continues to be the most confusing specie on the planet. (Brenda A. Ysaguirre)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Your actions are read and remembered far more than anything you say. (Brenda A. Ysaguirre)

As we move from one place to another our actions are viewed by those around us. They are the things that people remember long after we are gone. They may not remember what we say, but they will remember what we did. So, make sure you always do things that you will be proud of and that you want people to remember you for.

No man is an island but they can be treated as one because of just one little thing that they did that can be looked at negatively. (Brenda A. Ysaguirre)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Instead of a Nursing Home

There will be no nursing home in my future........

When I get old and feeble, I am going to get on a Princess Cruise Ship. The average cost for a nursing home is $200 per day. I have checked on reservations at Princess and I can get a long term discount and senior discount price of $135 per day. That leaves $65 a day for:

1. Gratuities which will only be $10 per day.

2. I will have as many as 10 meals a day if I can waddle to the restaurant, or I can have room service ( which means I can have breakfast in bed every day of the week).

3. Princess has as many as three swimming pools, a workout room, free washers and dryers, and shows every night.

4. They have free toothpaste and razors, and free soap and shampoo.

5. They will even treat you like a customer, not a patient. An extra $5 worth of tips will have the entire staff scrambling to help you.

6. I will get to meet new people every 7or 14 days.

7. T.V. broken? Light bulb need changing? Need to have the mattress replaced? No Problem! They will fix everything and apologize for your inconvenience.

8. Clean sheets and towels every day, and you don't even have to ask for them.

9. If you fall in the nursing home and break a hip you are on Medicare. If you fall and break a hip on the Princess ship they will upgrade you to a suite for the rest of your life.

Now hold on for the best! Do you want to see South America, the Panama Canal, Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, or name where you want to go? Princess will have a ship ready to go. So don't look for me in a nursing home, just call shore to ship.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where was the first melee?
Soccer gave us the term "melee." It means a "confused mass," which was what the playing field looked like in Europe in the Middle Ages. Towns competed using teams of up to a hundred players, with the goals a half-mile or so apart.

Who designed Jackie's pillbox?
Jacqueline Kennedy's pillbox hat, made famous at her husband's inauguration in 1961, was designed by Halston.

Do Russians learn English?
English is taught in Russian schools beginning in third or fourth grade, so most citizens speak at least some English. Interestingly, Russia has more teachers of the English language than the U.S.A. has students of Russian.

Where is the Rainbow Bridge?
Rainbow Bridge, Nature's abstract sculpture carved of solid sandstone, is the world's largest natural-rock span — 278 feet wide and 309 feet high. Technically, it is located in Utah just north of the Arizona state line, but "Arizona Highway's Travel Arizona" book cites it as a local attraction.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mysterious ruins may help explain Mayan collapse

Ringing two abandoned pyramids are nine palaces "frozen in time" that may help unravel the mystery of the ancient Maya, reports an archaeological team.
Hidden in the hilly jungle, the ancient site of Kiuic (KIE-yuk) was one of dozens of ancient Maya centers abandoned in the Puuc region of Mexico's Yucatan about 10 centuries ago. The latest discoveries from the site may capture the moment of departure.

"The people just walked away and left everything in place," says archaeologist George Bey of Millsaps College in Jackson Miss., co-director of the Labna-Kiuic Regional Archaeological Project. "Until now, we had little evidence from the actual moment of abandonment, it's a frozen moment in time."

The ancient, or "classic" Maya were part of a Central American civilization best known for stepped pyramids, beautiful carvings and murals and the widespread abandonment of cities around 900 A.D. in southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador. They headed for the northern Yucatan, where Spanish conquistadors met their descendants in the 1500s (6 million modern Maya still live in Central America today).

Past work by the team, led by Bey and Tomas Gallareta of Mexico's National Institute of Archaeology and History, shows the Maya had inhabited the Puuc region since 500 B.C. So why they headed for the coast with their brethren is just part of the mystery of the Maya collapse.

New clues may come from Kiuic, where the archaeologists explored two pyramids and, most intriguingly, plantation palaces on the ridges ringing the center. Of particular interest: a hilltop complex nicknamed "Stairway to Heaven" by Gallareta (that's "Escalera al Cieloa" for Spanish-speaking Led Zeppelin fans) because of a long staircase leading from Kiuic to a central plaza nearly a mile away.

Both the pyramids and the palaces look like latter-day additions to Kiuic, built in the 9th century, just as Maya centers farther south were being abandoned. "The influx of wealth (at Kiuic) may spring from immigration," Bey says, as Maya headed north. One pyramid was built atop what was originally a palace, allowing the rulers of Kiuic to simultaneously celebrate their forebears and move to fancier digs in the hills.

When the team started exploring the hilltop palaces, five vaulted homes to the south of the hilltop plaza and four to the north, the archaeologists found tools, stone knives and axes, corn-grinder stones called metates (muh-TAH-taze) and pots still sitting in place. "It was completely unexpected," Bey says. "It looks like they just turned the metates on their sides and left things waiting for them to come back."

"Their finds look very interesting and promising," says archaeologist Takeshi Inomata of the University of Arizona, who is not part of the project. "If it indeed represents rapid abandonment, it provides important implications about the social circumstance at that time and promises detailed data on the way people lived."

Inomata is part of a team exploring Aguateca, an abandoned Maya center in Guatemala renowned for its preservation. "I should add that the identification of rapid abandonment is not easy. There are other types of deposits — particularly ritual deposits — that result in very similar kinds of artifact assemblages," Inomata cautions, by email.

Bey and colleagues presented some of their findings earlier this year at the Society for American Archaeology meeting in Atlanta. The team hopes to publish its results and dig further at Kiuic to prove their finding of rapid abandonment there. "I think you could compare it to Pompeii, where people locked their doors and fled, taking some things but leaving others," Bey says.

So far, what drove people to leave the site remains a mystery, as it is for the rest of the ancient Maya. The only sign of warfare is a collection of spear points found in the central plaza of Kiuic. There are signs that construction halted there — a stucco-floored plaza sits half-complete, for example. "Drought seems more likely, that would halt construction," Bey says.

Having climbed the "Stairway to Heaven" a few times, Bey can answer one minor mystery, however. Why weren't the palace sites looted as so many other Maya sites have been? "The hills are a good climb," he says. "People just didn't bother to climb the hills to search the rooms."

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We find beauty in symmetry, but without a key piece of asymmetry, we wouldn't be around to appreciate the finer things. In the realm of particle collisions and quantum processes, antimatter is produced as often as ordinary matter. In fact, the big bang should have produced equal amounts of both—not a good thing, because each piece of antimatter would destroy an equal amount of matter. The big bang should thus have created universe of only light and energy, free of any solids, liquids or gases.

It's possible that the big bang did indeed create enough antimatter to create anti-suns, anti-planets, anti-galaxies and the like, and that they exist somewhere in separate pockets of the universe. But decades of observations of deep space make that possibility seem unlikely.

So, some sort of asymmetry occurred that skewed the universe's evolution toward matter. It would not have taken much—just one extra matter particle for every billion particle-antiparticle pairs. Researchers have discovered an asymmetry between the behavior of matter and of antimatter, called charge–parity violation, which could have skewed things to our side of the material world. But for this subtle bias to translate into an excess of matter, the primordial universe would have had to go through a wrenching period of imbalanced conditions, and so far no one knows how that might have happened.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


At some point after chimpanzees and humans diverged from a common ancestor six million years ago, we developed the capacity to talk—and to gossip, argue, complain and pontificate. But because soft tissue like the vocal cords, larynx, tongue, uvula and brain are not preserved in the fossil record, we don't know when our ancestors evolved the physical capacity to make speech or how long it took to develop.

Other animals can communicate—the alarm calls of prairie dogs to warn of a nearby predator, say, or the meowing of a hungry cat to tell its owner to put food down. But they lack the complexity and grammar of language. And how babies develop the capacity has been thoroughly debated without clear resolution. Maybe humans have an inborn "universal grammar," as Noam Chomsky asserts, or maybe it emerges as part of the general processing of our big brains and the surrounding culture.

In her book, The First Word: The Search for the Origins of Languages (Viking 2007), Christine Kenneally asked several key researchers if a boatload of babies landed on a desert island, would they develop language? Almost all agreed that they would develop some form of communication, but they disagreed if a fully formed, "normal" language would emerge.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


In the late 1980s physicists were astounded by the electrical behavior of ceramic compounds based on copper oxides. These materials could conduct electricity without resistance well above the temperature of liquid nitrogen (77 kelvins, or –196 degrees Celsius). Previously, superconductivity occurred only in metals cooled to near absolute zero (–273 degrees C). (The image shows a magnet levitated by the powerful magnetic field of opposite polarity generated by a copper-oxide superconductor cooled by liquid nitrogen.)

The relatively high transition temperature seen in the copper oxides revolutionized the field and forced physicists to reconsider the accepted cause of superconductivity, called the BCS theory. It posited that the supercurrent occurred when electrons paired up. One electron moving through the substance would slightly pull together the material's positively charged crystal lattice, leaving a wake of slightly denser positive charge behind it; a second electron would be attracted to this wake. In this way, these so-called Cooper pairs of electrons became weakly bound together, and a sea of them could flow through the lattice without losing energy. But the theory also predicted that, above about 30 K, ambient heat would cause the lattice to vibrate too much, destabilizing the Cooper pairs.

The copper oxides, which can superconduct at temperatures reaching 164 K under the right circumstances, clearly indicated that a new theory was needed. Cooper pairs were still being formed, but just what brought and kept them together has eluded definitive explanation. The discovery of iron-based superconductors, which also function well above absolute zero but below the copper oxides, could provide some essential clues.

Friday, August 28, 2009



Influenza and cold weather go hand in hand in temperate zones: In the Northern Hemisphere the flu season typically begins in November and runs to April. But flu viruses themselves circulate year-round. They show little seasonality in the tropics, and new strains can emerge during the warmer months, as the H1N1 swine flu did this year.

Researchers have come up with many possible reasons to explain why nonpandemic flu viruses take hold only at certain times of the year. Cool, dry air seems to help the virus survive on surfaces. Lack of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, may leave the immune systems of people weaker during winter, perhaps paving the way for infections. In chilly weather, too, people tend to stay indoors and crowd together in schools and offices, boosting the odds of person-to-person transmission. Indoor heating systems could also play a role, transporting coughed aerosols to distant areas of buildings.

The reasons sound plausible, but little research has actually gone into supporting or rejecting the theories. In a 2007 review on influenza seasonality, Eric Lofgren of the Tufts University School of Medicine and his colleagues wrote that seasonality is likely to be the result of "less-than-straightforward interaction of many different factors."

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Other studies have shown that words that are used to express balance or nuance (“except,” “but,” and so on) are associated with higher cognitive complexity, better grades and even the truthfulness with which facts are reported. For bin Laden, analysis showed that the thought processes in his texts had reached a higher level over the years, whereas those of his lieutenant had stagnated.

Healing Words
This power of statistical analysis to quantify a person’s changing language use over time is a key advantage to programs such as LIWC. In 2003 Pennebaker and statistician R. Sherlock Campbell, now at Yale University, used a statistical tool called latent semantic analysis (LSA) to study the diary entries of trauma patients from three earlier studies, looking for text characteristics that had changed in patients who were convalescing and met rarely with their physician. Again, the researchers showed that content was unimportant. The factor that was most clearly associated with recovery was the use of pronouns. Patients whose writings changed perspective from day to day were less likely to seek medical treatment during the follow-up period.

It may be that patients who describe their situation both from their own viewpoint and from the perspective of others recover more quickly from traumatic experiences—a variation on the already well-established idea that writing about negative experiences is therapeutic. Or perhaps the LSA simply detected the patients’ recovery as reflected by their writing but not brought about by it—in that case, programs such as LIWC could aid doctors in diagnosing illness and gauging treatment progression. Researchers are currently investigating many other patient groups, including those with cancer, mental illness and suicidal tendencies, using LIWC to uncover clues about their emotional well-being and their mental state.

Although the statistical study of language is relatively young, it is clear that analyzing patterns of word use and writing style can lead to insights that would otherwise remain hidden. Because these tools offer predictions based on probability, however, such insights will never be definitive. “In the final analysis, our situation is much like that of economists,” Pennebaker says. “It’s too early to come up with a standardized analysis. But at the end of the day, we all are making educated guesses, the same way economists can understand, explain and predict economic ups and downs.”

He Said, She Said
The way we write and speak can reveal volumes about our identity and character. Here is a sampling of the many variables that can be detected in our use of style-related words such as pronouns and articles:

Gender: In general, women tend to use more pronouns and references to other people. Men are more likely to use articles, prepositions and big words. Age: As people get older, they typically refer to themselves less, use more positive-emotion words and fewer negative-emotion words, and use more future-tense verbs and fewer past-tense verbs. Honesty: When telling the truth, people are more likely to use first-person singular pronouns such as “I.” They also use exclusive words such as “except” and “but.” These words may indicate that a person is making a distinction between what they did do and what they did not do—liars often do not deal well with such complex constructions. Depression and suicide risk: Public figures and published poets use more first-person singular pronouns when they are depressed or suicidal, possibly indicating excessive self-absorption and social isolation. Reaction to trauma: In the days and weeks after a cultural upheaval, people use “I” less and “we” more, suggesting a social bonding effect.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


No one doubts that the words we write or speak are an expression of our inner thoughts and personalities. But beyond the meaningful content of language, a wealth of unique insights into an author’s mind are hidden in the style of a text—in such elements as how often certain words and word categories are used, regardless of context.

It is how an author expresses his or her thoughts that reveals character, asserts social psychologist James W. Pennebaker of the University of Texas at Austin. When people try to present themselves a certain way, they tend to select what they think are appropriate nouns and verbs, but they are unlikely to control their use of articles and pronouns. These small words create the style of a text, which is less subject to conscious manipulation.

Pennebaker’s statistical analyses have shown that these small words may hint at the healing progress of patients and give us insight into the personalities and changing ideals of public figures, from political candidates to terrorists. “Virtually no one in psychology has realized that low-level words can give clues to large-scale behaviors,” says Pennebaker, who, with colleagues, developed a computer program that analyzes text, called Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC, pronounced “Luke”). The software has been used to examine other speech characteristics as well, tallying up nouns and verbs in hundreds of categories to expose buried patterns.

Character Count
Most recently, Pennebaker and his colleagues used LIWC to analyze the candidates’ speeches and interviews during last fall’s presidential election. The software counts how many times a speaker or author uses words in specific categories, such as emotion or perception, and words that indicate complex cognitive processes. It also tallies up so-called function words such as pronouns, articles, numerals and conjunctions. Within each of these major categories are subsets: Are there more mentions of sad or happy emotions? Does the speaker prefer “I” and “me” to “us” and “we”? LIWC answers these quantitative questions; psychologists must then figure out what the numbers mean. Before LIWC was developed in the mid-1990s, years of psychological research in which people counted words by hand established robust connections between word usage and psychological states or character traits

The political candidates, for example, showed clear differences in their speaking styles. John McCain tended to speak directly and personally to his constituency, using a vocabulary that was both emotionally loaded and impulsive. Barack Obama, in contrast, made frequent use of causal relationships, which indicated more complex thought processes. He also tended to be more vague than his Republican rival. Pennebaker’s team has posted a far more in-depth breakdown, including analyses of the vice presidential candidates, at

Skeptics of LIWC’s usefulness point out that many of these characteristics of McCain’s and Obama’s speeches could be gleaned without the use of a computer program. When the subjects of analysis are not accessible, however, LIWC may provide a unique insight. Such was the case with Pennebaker’s study of al Qaeda communications. In 2007 he and several co-workers, under contract with the FBI, analyzed 58 texts by Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden’s second in command.

The comparison showed how much pronouns are able to disclose. For example, between 2004 and 2006 the frequency with which al-Zawahiri used the word “I” tripled, whereas it remained constant in bin Laden’s writings. “Normally, higher rates of ‘I’ words correspond with feelings of insecurity, threat and defensiveness. Closer inspection of his ‘I’ use in context tends to confirm this,” Pennebaker says.


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In a world where everything seems to fall under the opinions and the actions of others, there seem to be little hope for the average person who is a follower. Leaders are in abundance and they seem to survive because there are those who will always be teamplayers. But what happens when the follower decides it is time to lead, it is time to make a mark in life, it is time to BE??

Trust me, that is when all hell breaks loose and that is when conflicts begin.

There will always be those who believe that they are to be leaders forever and that all that they do is right and must be followed. These leaders cannot for one second accept that sometimes it would be nice to sit back and let others run the show. They cannot for one minute aceept that the world will still turn whether or not they are in it, leading, guiding, listening or doing nothing.

Picture the leader who suddenly is faced with the realization that his follower(s) want to make a mark of their own. Why do they get upset? Because the idea of losing power and control, of being the head at the top of each and every decision leaves them worrying that they will have no place in the community!! When I say community, I am referring to whereever it is that he or she has ruled.

I have been known to be a leader for many years. I have led and I have conquered many in battles of undefined and defined nature. I have also been a teamplayer and lately I have decided that it is time to be a leader again. Time to BE!!! Time to BE ASSERTIVE. Time to GROW. Time to take up the reins of leadership and do that which I was born for - to lead. Will this be greeted with open arms by all. NO WAY!!! But who cares? Everyone has to BE! Everyone has to DO! Everyone has to... because only then will fulfillment be attained for oneself.


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Annie's Mailbox
Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar

Dear Annie: I am a college student and have been dating a nice guy for almost a year. Unfortunately, "Cody" is more into our relationship than I am. I have my reasons (Cody made some major mistakes that my heart has looked past, but my head has not), but what makes matters worse is I am deeply "in like" with a friend of Cody's. I believe this friend feels the same about me.

I've been in relationships since I was 15. I think it might be best, if and when I break things off with Cody, that I remain single for a while. On the other hand, I am deeply worried that if I wait, I will miss out on this wonderful man. I feel awful for everyone involved and hope there is something you can tell me that would help. -- Bummed in Boston

Dear Bummed: You have multiple things going on. First, you need to break off the relationship with Cody. You don't love him, you are unable to forgive him for whatever it was he did in the past, and you are interested in someone else. Then you need to give your social life a rest, not only to see what it's like to be on your own, but because it's very bad form to go after Cody's friend so quickly. If the guy is interested and sees that you haven't attached yourself to anyone else, he will come knocking when enough time has passed.

Dear Annie: My daughter was infected with herpes by her boyfriend. They have since broken up. Her doctor said it most likely was transmitted via oral sex.

She is still in the initial stages of coping emotionally, and I am doing my best to help her believe that in time things will not seem so terrible. I know she is afraid of the day when she has to tell a new boyfriend. I've told her that anyone who loves her will educate himself and give the relationship a chance, but I understand how painful and discouraging a rejection would be, especially if it happens more than once.

Would you please ask your readers who have found themselves in the same situation to share their experiences? Nothing I can tell her would have as much impact as hearing from people who have been there. -- A Sad Mom

Dear Mom: Approximately one in five adults in the U.S. has herpes, so your daughter has plenty of company, and we are certain our readers will weigh in with their experiences. In the meantime, contact the American Social Health Association (1-800-227-8922) at for information, support and suggestions on dealing with herpes -- including how to talk about it with a new romantic interest.

Dear Annie: Twice recently, you misused the abbreviation "i.e.," so I thought I would try to straighten the matter out.

What you have done is use "i.e." when "e.g." was intended. The abbreviation "i.e." is a complete enumeration of ALL possibilities. It stands for "id est," meaning "that is," which infers a complete list of what items answer the condition. But if the intent was to list a few examples, "e.g." is the correct term. It is an abbreviation of "exempli gratia," meaning "for example," or "example given," and lists representative items.

When you told "Wife of a Motor Mouth" to interest her husband in a hobby and added "i.e., photography or crafts that he can display," you implied that there were no other choices. Using "e.g." would have left the door open for thousands of other possibilities. -- Larry in Bakersfield, Calif.

Dear Larry: Thanks for hauling us up short. As another Latin expert once informed us, nostra culpa is the correct way to say "We're sorry." We often see and hear "i.e." applied to mean "for example" and had no idea it was incorrect. We'll try to keep it straight in the future.

Annie's Mailbox is written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Please e-mail your questions to, or write to: Annie's Mailbox, P.O. Box 118190, Chicago, IL 60611. To find out more about Annie's Mailbox, and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at

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Event gives firefighters chance to shine


WINDSOR, Ontario (UPI) -- A Firefest spokesman says the annual competition in Windsor, Ontario, gives firefighters a chance to show off their unique skill sets.

Firefest spokesman David Bellamy said festival participants are required to don their heavy firefighting gear and attempt to set record paces while carrying a fire hose up a five-story building, The Windsor Star said.

Participants are required to pull a separate hose to the roof of the building, before moving a heavy steel beam with a sledgehammer, hitting a target with water from a fire house and carrying a mannequin across the finish line.

Bellamy said the grueling event not only gives firefighters an opportunity to show off their skills, but also allows members of the public to witness firsthand what firefighters do on the job.

"Their job is not easy to do. They're running in when we're running out of a bad situation," he told the Star. "It takes a specific set of physical and mental talents."

The winner of Saturday's 2009 Firefest competition was Brandon Cunningham of Augusta, Ga., who completed the exhausting firefighter routine in a world course record of 1.17.31 minutes.

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Shakira´s She Wolf

Click on the link and then click on the play square when it takes you to the screen. Enjoy!!!

Shakira - She Wolf lyrics |

Monday, August 17, 2009


DJ cleans poo for botched TP prank

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida disc jockey whose attempt to toilet paper his mayor's house was foiled by bad directions paid penance for the prank by cleaning a city sewage plant.

Jason Pennington, a DJ with WILD-FM, West Palm Beach, agreed to clean the septic tank acceptance station at the East Central Regional Water Reclamation Facility as punishment for the toilet paper episode, which went awry when an address mix-up left a neighbor being toilet papered instead of West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel, The Palm Beach Post reported.

The punishment, which was filmed for posterity by WILD intern Annabel DeSito, lasted five minutes.

Pennington said he had intended to cover Frankel's house in the Presidential Estates gated community in 28 rolls of toilet paper, but wound up covering a neighbor's house, car and trees because he didn't check the address.

Heather Nelson, producer of the station's Wild Morning Show, said Pennington and morning crew co-hosts Kevin Rolston and Virginia Lang targeted the mayor's house because of alleged vote rigging in a dance contest she won this year over fellow competitor Lang, who did not place in the final rankings.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Un tortugo de 110 años finalmente conquistó a la hembra que lo evitó los últimos 15 años. Y la preñó.
¡Persevera y triunfarás! Quince años le tomó a Billy, de 110, conquistar a Tammy, de 47. El dueño de la feliz pareja, Peter Crane, fue quien encontró los huevos. Explicó que el tortugo persiguió por el jardín sin éxito a la huidiza Tammy durante los últimos tres lustros.

Un detalle romántico: si bien cada tortuga vivía en su propia caja se han mudado ambos a una de ellas como una feliz pareja. Billy -nacido en 1899- es una tortuga vivaracha (si se me permite el oxímoron) y espera con entusiasmo (si es que fuera posible detectarlo) la llegada de los dulces tortuguitos (dentro de los límites de dulzura inherentes a un ser verde, frío, duro por fuera y blandito por dentro).

Moraleja: para ser capaz de fecundar después de los 100 (años, no kilómetros por hora, por favor) no hay nada como una dieta vegetariana y una vida sin stress.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Like any proud Grandma, today I take time to say Happy Birthday to my granddaughter, Ciarra Alexandria Thompson on her 7th Birthday.

My little Princess Aurora II is 7 years old and following in her grandma´s steps by being a dancer, a talker and a very intelligent little girl.

I love you baby girl.

From Princess Aurora I
(Grandma Brenda)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Speedy motorcyclist caught at last

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (UPI) -- Police in Alaska said they have arrested a motorcyclist who evaded capture repeatedly by driving at speeds approaching 130 mph.

Investigators said Justin Carr, 23, was charged with a felony count of evading police after several incidents in which he allegedly drove his yellow Suzuki motorcycle past police in Anchorage at high speeds and refused to pull over, the Anchorage Daily News reported.

Trooper Ronald Hayes said he caught a glimpse of the motorcyclist during a June incident, and the face he saw was Carr's.

"This guy almost actively sought us out," Hayes said. "Anytime he would see any type of law enforcement vehicle or anything like that, he would take off."

Hayes said further charges against Carr are possible once a grand jury convenes in early August.

Anchorage police had sought the public's health in finding the speedy motorcyclist after a series of chases, and hundreds of tips poured in.

Carr's driving record includes numerous tickets, the Daily News reported.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

We hold in our hands the power to develop great minds and great human beings.(Brenda Ysaguirre)

Prof: Kids 'sexting' isn't new behavior
OTTAWA (UPI) -- A Canadian social sciences professor says the uproar over youth sending sexually charged text messages, or "sexting," is overblown.

Speaking at the international Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences this week at Ottawa's Carleton University, Dr. Peter Cumming, an associate professor at York University and coordinator of its Children's Studies Program, said youth are doing what they've done all along using new technology.

Cumming said several cases in the United States have made the news when teenagers sent semi-nude pictures of themselves or others over cell phones.

"It would be very unlikely to see dozens of news stories announcing that some children we caught playing spin-the-bottle, or doctor, or strip poker," he said. "Yet many of the cases brought forward have been on the same level of innocence and experience as those activities."

He said the uproar about sexting is just the modern version of the outrage in the 1950s about the way Elvis Presley moved provocatively on stage.

"The big bad wolf right now is the Internet and cell phones with cameras," he said. "What I would say to anyone is to take a deep breath, think in context, and use common sense."
Copyright 2009 by United Press International

Friday, July 24, 2009

Archaeologists find graveyard of sunken Roman ships

ROME (Reuters) – A team of archaeologists using sonar technology to scan the seabed have discovered a "graveyard" of five pristine ancient Roman shipwrecks off the small Italian island of Ventotene.

The trading vessels, dating from the first century BC to the fifth century AD, lie more than 100 meters underwater and are amongst the deepest wrecks discovered in the Mediterranean in recent years, the researchers said on Thursday.

Part of an archipelago situated halfway between Rome and Naples on Italy's west coast, Ventotene historically served as a place of shelter during rough weather in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

"The ships appear to have been heading for safe anchorage, but they never made it," said Timmy Gambin, head of archaeology for the Aurora Trust ( "So in a relatively small area we have five wrecks...a graveyard of ships."

The vessels were transporting wine from Italy, prized fish sauce from Spain and north Africa, and a mysterious cargo of metal ingots from Italy, possibly to be used in the construction of statues or weaponry.

Gambin said the wrecks revealed a pattern of trade in the empire: at first Rome exported its produce to its expanding provinces, but gradually it began to import from them more and more of the things it once produced.

In Roman times Ventotene, known as Pandataria, was used to exile disgraced Roman noblewomen. The Emperor Augustus sent his daughter Julia there because of her adultery. During the 20th century, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini used the remote island as a prison for political opponents.

Images of the wrecks show their crustacean-clad cargoes spilling onto the seafloor, after marine worms ate away the wooden hull of the vessels.

Due to their depth, the ships have lain untouched for hundreds of years but Gambin said the increasing popularity of deep water diving posed a threat to the Mediterranean's archaeological treasures.

"There is a race against time," he said. "In the next 10 years, there will be an explosion in mixed-gas diving and these sites will be accessible to ordinary treasure hunters."

(Reporting by Daniel Flynn; Editing by Jon Boyle

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Tale of Two Kellys


Man and woman with same name met through Facebook, getting married

Updated 1:42 PM EDT, Mon, Jul 20, 2009
It's been a whirlwind romance for the guy and gal who share the same name, and it all started with an innocent Facebook message.
"She started off 'Hey, I saw we have the same name,and I thought it was kind of cool, Just wanted to say hi I guess. LOL,'" the male Kelly said.
Kelly the female, from Coral Springs, was curious to see profiles of people with the same name when she happened across Kelly the male in Lubbock, Texas.
"I searched my own name and he's the only one who came up and actually in the picture he didn't have a shirt on and I was like oh he's cute," said the female Kelly.
Three weeks later, male kelly flew to South Florida to meet female Kelly, and they hit it off immediately.
And now in just three months, the Hildebrandts will officially be married.
"We get a couple of the same reactions, usually it's like 'whoa, that's so awesome and totally different,'" said female Kelly, 20.
Male Kelly, 24, has moved down to Florida and plans on working at the new branch for his company, Primerica Financial. Female Kelly is finishing up her studies at Palm Beach Community College.
The wedding will be at Lighthouse Point Yacht Club in October, a quick turnaround -- just eight months after the two first met -- though male Kelly has no reservations.
"I felt like there was a good possibility that before I ever came out to meet her in person, that this could be the girl I'm gonna marry," he said.
The marriage won't be without problems. In fact, one problem has already presented itself before the two have even stepped foot on the altar.
"He's even already got some mail coming in, and we have to open everything, because we don't know whose mail is whose," said female Kelly.

Monday, July 6, 2009


WASHINGTON (UPI) -- This year's swine flu outbreak refuted many of the predictions about how the next large-scale flu pandemic would originate and spread, experts say.

The world's medical community had based much of their pandemic planning on the 2004 H5N1 "bird flu" outbreak in Southeast Asia, which proved to be a poor model for predicting how the latest novel flu strain, H1N1, would play out, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

In planning to cope with future pandemics, experts after 2004 wrongly assumed it would be an avian flu strain. They also assumed that, like H5N1, it would be deadly in 60 percent of those who caught it, instead of the less than 1 percent mortality rate of the H1N1 virus.

"Everyone was thinking about H5N1 and the possibility that we would be in for partial global population collapse," influenza expert David Fedson told the newspaper. "We never addressed severity, because we knew it would be severe. And now we have this funny virus coming out of pigs."

The consequences were that the world was largely unprepared for the swine flu virus that emerged despite five years and hundreds of millions of dollars spent on getting ready, the Post said.
Copyright 2009 by United Press International

Friday, June 19, 2009


El Temazcal es una tradición indígena que trasciende desde los Mayas, los Toltecas y los Aborígenes Norteamericanos, y consiste en una construcción cerrada a manera de choza llamada Inipee, donde se lanza agua sobre piedras al rojo vivo para crear un ambiente similar a un baño de vapor.
Su nombre proviene de la lengua Náhuatl y significa "casa de vapor" (Temaz - vapor, Calli - casa ). Esto porque el baño se realiza dentro de unas casetas en forma de cúpula de pequeña dimensión, construidas de barro o con mantas o pieles sobre un armado de varas, en las cuales se introducen piedras porosas previamente calentadas al rojo vivo, sobre las que se vierte una infusión de plantas medicinales.
El vapor es manejado y dirigido por un guía Temazcalero, con un ramo frondoso de plantas frescas que abanica, mientras va aplicando, hidroterapia, aromaterapia, cantos, visualizaciones y ejercicios de meditación. El Temazcal es una limpieza espiritual, mental y física que se realiza dentro de esta estructura en forma de iglú, usando vapor, hierbas, especias e incienso.
Su uso ha sido tanto terapéutico y relajante como ritual y su práctica sobrevive en la actualidad gracias a la tradición de las distintas comunidades indígenas. Se ha sofisticado su aplicación en la medida que se practica en Inipees de barro y en grupos que buscan experiencias de retiro y limpieza espiritual.

El baño de Vapor del Temazcal está divido en cuatro sesiones o Puertas. Cada Puerta invocando a una energía específica de sanación e Introspección.

Afuera del iglú hay una fogata donde se calientan las piedras que se utilizarán. Antes de entrar al iglú se deja los lentes, relojes y cualquier otro accesorio para que no molesten con el calor del vapor.

En el iglú o Inipee, entramos, nos sentamos y esperamos el comienzo de la primera sesión o Puerta, que da lugar al inicio cuando el ayudante o Guardián del Fuego entra con una pala llena de piedras al rojo vivo, las deja en el centro y se retira cerrando la puerta. Quedamos a oscuras. Nuestro guía tirará una taza de agua sobre las piedras calientes y el vapor comenzará a esparcirse. Después pasará un plato con hierbas que se tiraran en puñados dentro del vapor. ¡Qué ricos olores! Empezamos con respiraciones profundas y rítmicas, invocamos a la energía de esta Puerta y realizamos la dinámica de sanación y memoria ancestral. Después de unos momentos de instrocpeccion meditativa, y en grupo, gritamos ¡puerta!. El Guardián del Fuego abre la puerta y entra con más piedras calientes y más agua, deposita todo en el centro, sale y cierra la puerta para dar comienzo a la segunda parte del proceso.

Hay que recordar que el Temazcal está hecho a semejanza del vientre de la mujer, que es el mismo vientre de la Madre Tierra o Pachamama, al cual entramos lo más ligeros de ropaje posible y salimos renaciendo a nuestra vida en el Planeta, con una visión más clara de lo que tenemos que hacer, sanar, reconciliar y trabajar.
El Temazcal La Cabaña de Vapor o Temazcal es una terapia poderosa para el tratamiento de muchas enfermedades y dolencias, sean ellas agudas y/o crónicas.

Los beneficios físicos que el Temazcal ofrece se encuentran en problemas reumáticos, prostáticos, artritis, hepáticos, problemas digestivos, circulatorios, problemas pulmonares, bronquitis y trastornos glandulares como la tiroides. Por sus características curativas es un método eficaz para estimular todos los órganos internos, limpiando nuestro cuerpo, sudando grandes cantidades de toxinas acumuladas por medicamentos y/o provenientes de la propia alimentación debido a que actualmente enfrentamos muchos problemas de contaminación alimenticia, ambiental, vibracional, electromagnética, auditiva, sensitiva, visual y del aire.
Ayuda a la eliminación de la gordura, por medio del sudor, en consecuencia ayuda a los tratamientos de obesidad y envejecimiento prematuro de la piel.

Elimina el cansancio crónico físico y mental, problemas de mal digestión, dolores estomacales, descongestiona el sistema linfático y produce notable mejoría en la calidad de vida de las personas que sufren de diabetes e hipertensión.

El temazcal apoya al relajamiento del sistema muscular, como por ejemplo: alivio de contracciones musculares (encogimiento de un músculo), dolores de espalda (desde los hombros hasta la base de la cadera), dolores de rodillas y tobillos, entre otros, gracias a los efectos de la temperatura y los aceites volátiles de las plantas que se usan.

Por medio de la temperatura alta y la ebullición de agua fresca, se logra un alto grado de movimiento en el sistema circulatorio, ayudando a corregir problemas de varices, úlceras varicosas, adormecimientos de manos y pies, presión alta o baja, y otros problemas circulatorios.

Aumenta la producción de Leucocitos (glóbulos blancos) del cuerpo. Se ha observado que personas que toman estos baños de sudor y que padecen de enfermedades crónicas o recurrentes, disminuyen sus enfermedades, o bien, si se enferman se recuperan fácilmente.

En el Temazcal, una persona puede desintoxicar todo lo necesario para depurar su cuerpo vía sudor: ácido úrico, problemas de piel (acné), quemar grasas e impurezas de la piel, curar artritis, entre otros. Además al sudar, se apoya al buen funcionamiento del riñón.

La piel actúa como un mecanismo regulador de temperatura interna del organismo. Las temperaturas superan, en algunos casos los 50 °C, en el cuerpo existe un mecanismo de autorregulación interna que nos permite sobrepasar los 38°C. En muchos casos, principalmente en personas que viven en ambientes con mucha polución donde los poros los tienen obstruidos, con estas altas temperaturas en el Temazcal estos poros son reactivados. Estimula la regeneración de la piel. Facilita la formación del manto ácido, vital para la protección de infecciones cutáneas.

Limpia y descongestiona los canales nasales y paranasales, los baños de vapor son utilizados para el tratamiento de gripes, bronquitis, asmas, y sinusitis. Por efecto del calor se da la inhalo terapia, que acontece con el vapor de agua sumado al humo de las flores curativas y los aceite de estas, depositadas en las piedras durante la ceremonia y produce automáticamente la desobstrucción de las vías respiratorias. Activa también la irrigación de una forma impresionante, llegando a 7 veces más de las condiciones normales. Hay aumento de los flujos sanguíneos que sumado a la expansión de los pulmones, los bronquios facilitan la expulsión de las toxinas acumuladas. Es posible aliviar casos de sinusitis, catarro, asma, bronquitis, enfisemas, y otros problemas de orden pulmonar.

En el Temazcal, se produce un efecto relajante y estimula el organismo, para tratar problemas como el stress, insomnio, tensión nerviosa y mejora el proceso mental sin producir reacciones adversas, estimula el sistema hormonal, funciona como una limpieza sanguínea eliminando las toxinas e impurezas a través del sudor, automatizando el sistema nervioso y estimulando las glándulas sudoríparas, auxiliando también, de manera natural las deficiencias cardiovasculares. Actúa a nivel psicológico, permitiendo una mejor comprensión de sus cuestionamientos emocionales y problemas personales.

... El Temazcal es la vuelta al Útero Materno de la PachaMama, de donde la vida se cobija y gesta, y también es volver a Nacer, más livianos, más alegres, más vitales...

- Reflexiones y Recomendaciones en este Temazcal -
Este Ciclo de Temazcales que llamamos de los Ocho Soles, es un proceso continuo de purificación, corporal, mental y espiritual, que está potenciado y armonizado con los ritmos naturales del Tiempo, en Conciencia Solar y Estelar. Esta vez, entraremos a purificarnos para vivir y tomar en Plenitud el periodo cíclico natural que está aconteciendo en estos dias...
! El Inicio del Periodo Estival en el Hemisferio Sur...! Feliz Año Nuevo Solar..! Feliz retorno del Sol..! Bienvenida la Nueva Luz a nuestras conciencias...! Ahooo...!
En esta oportunidad realizaremos un Temazcal de Purificación y Revitalización, para incorporar el NEWEN de estos dias y posarlos como realización en nuestras vidas.

Les solicitamos desde ya, un poderoso y profundo Concierto de Silencio desde el momento en que llegamos a la Parcela, para permitir un elevado estado meditativo y de introspección, que nos de la posibilidad de vivir esta poderosa dinámica en plenitud y fraternidad.

- Sugerencias y Armonizaciones -

- La Actividad del Temazcal es una dinámica que empieza desde el momento en que llegas hasta el amanecer del dia Siguiente, para permitira deacantar esta maravillosa experiencia.

- Trae tu Poncho y una Manta, para cubrirte en las meditaciones antes de entrar al Temazcal.

- Trae una "Manta o Frazada", para cubrir con algo tuyo el Inipi del Temazcal.
- Cuida los baños como si fueran los de tu casa, para que cada vez que los ocupes estén limpios y agradables.

- Trae carpa, abrigo, traje de baño o pareos, ropa abrigada y saco de dormir si te vas a quedar.

- En especial les pedimos que la alimentación antes del Temazcal sea liviana y vegetariana, ojalá puedas hacer un ayuno ese día.

- Puedes traer un paquete de 25 velas chicas redondas, para realizar un mandala para conmemorar la ocasión.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Las 50 frases típicas de una mamá!!!!

(Te queremos mucho, mamá)
Un amigo me mando esto que son frases típicas de la mamá colombiana, pero yo creo que es mundial asi que lo cambie a una mamá, okay?

1. Un día de estos se levantan y no me van a encontrar, y a ver que hacen...
2. Como ahora­ tienen 'sirvienta' que les hace todo.
3. Todo lo que me he sacrificado por ustedes y miren como le pagan a uno.
4. ¿Ese es el ejemplo que les esta dando a sus hermanos?.
5. ¿Usted­ reza antes de dormirse?.
6. Uno les contesta el teléfono y ni siquiera dicen buenos días o por favor.
7. Cuantos niños no estarían deseando ese plato de comida y usted rechazándolo.
8. Para que hagan las cosas bien hay que estar detrás de ellos.
9. Yo no se por que esta juventud de ahora se mantiene muerta de pereza.
10. Usted no se manda solo; cuando trabaje y se mantenga, hablamos.
11. Mientras usted viva en esta casa, se hace lo que yo diga.
12.Ustedes me van a volver loca!.
13. Pero si se acaban de ver, no entiendo por que siguen hablando por teléfono.
14. Esa amistad no me gusta.
15. Yo ya les he enseñado lo bueno y lo malo, ustedes verán.
16. Es mejor que vaya comido, porque uno no sabe con que le van a salir.
17.. Para que le hagan un favor a uno hay que arrodillarse, en cambio viene cualquiera de la calle y salen corriendo.
18. No se le olvide que primero fue mama que novio(a).
19. Me hace el favor y le dice a su amigo que se baje y timbre, que esto no es 'drive-in' para estar pitando.
20. Usted que cree ¿que esto es un hotel?.
21. No me conteste, ni me levante la voz porque le reviento ese mascadero.
22. Para que me preguntan si van a hacer lo contrario.
23. Mijo, ¿usted si esta comiendo bien?.
24. Es que es igualito a su papa.
25. No les habremos dado lujo ni riqueza, pero les dejamos estudio.
26. En la calle son solo risas y en la casa todo les molesta.
27. Cuando tengan hijos se van a acordar de mi.
28. Vaya pregúntele primero a su papa, a ver que le dice.
29. ¡Con usted todo es una lucha!.
30. Estas no son horas de llamar a una casa decente..
31. Me puedo estar muriendo y ustedes no le pasan a uno ni un vaso con agua.
32. El teléfono no es para hacer visitas.
33. Ese cuarto suyo parece un chiquero!!!.
34. Que van a hacer el día que me muera, quien les va a hacer todo...
35. ¡Es que esas mujeres de ahora no saben hacer nada!.
36. Eso era que no le convenía. Lo que es de uno, es de uno..
37. ¿Amigos?, amigos lo que tenga en el bolsillo.
38. ¡Ah! Usted vera, por que no me hizo caso.
39. El día que me convierta en un estorbo y en una carga para ustedes van y me tiran a un ancianato.
40. Creen que porque ya dan algo en la casa pueden tratarla mal a una.
41. Hasta la una, ni un minuto mas.
42. ¡No hay poder humano!.
43. ¿A que hora va a llegar?.
44. ¿Por que no me contesta el celular?.
45. Cuando será que tienen tiempo para mi­.
46. ¿Eso es lo que le enseñan en el colegio?.
47. Se lo dije...
48. Porque yo soy su mama y punto.
49. Me muero de la pena.
50. El corazón de una mama nunca se equivoca.

Quizás fallemos en una que otra, pero no en todas.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi, isn´t it a great day? I am keeping my fingers crossed. Today is the beginning of the new me. The one I want to be. The one I HAVE TO BE. THE ONE THAT WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS, CALM RIVERS, STOP THE RAIN AND YES MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF MANY PEOPLE.

Some of you may say, that´s God´s work. What is she talking about? well, today I will step into the world a different human being with aims and ideas, a voice and a heart, a plan and a wish and a new venture. I am positive it will bring light into my dim world and I am positive that it will prosper. Why? Because I am a woman of positive thinking of course. Because I am ME. Because I want to be successful and because I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

I Have taught many students to be positvie and to have a vision. Well, today I set foot into a new arena with confidence, love, patience and a little anxiety but that is all good. It is the way it should be. Life, after all is a list of emotions and whatever happens it the result of how we manipulate and move around the set points in our lives.


Thanks to all my people. To Carolyn for being the daughter I am proud of having brought into this world. To Ciarra, for being grandma´s special little princess. To Miya for being the son in law who is maore of a son than any mother can ask for. To Abel, for being the love of my love. For giving me a shoulder to lean on, a friend to talk to, laugh with and share my new life with. Gracias, papi, por ser tan como eres. Te amo mucho. Tus enceñanzas me han hecho la mujer fuerte que querias que yo sea. To Alejandra, my daughter across the miles for showing me the strength and wisdom that we as women can possess. To Triccia, my daughter of the heart for showwing me that there are ways to capture the sun and hold the stars in your hands. To all my friends at UNID for being a part of my life. With you all I would have been nothing over the past ten months. Amigos, los quiero mucho. Los extraño, pero los llevo en mi corazon. To Veronica, por ser la amiga feliz, apoyante y a quien admiro mucho por su manera de quere cambiar el mundo!! A las profes Blanca Veronica, Yasmini, Elyza, Emma pero ser mujeres fuertes, admirables y especial. Gracias por cruzar mi camino y por dejar en mi corazon algo de cada uno de ustedes. A Glenda y Oscar por ser parte de este gran familia. La amistad y el amor es todo! Si Oscar, eres el hijo que nunca tuve!!! Te amo, chico. To Pinita, for making me laugh with your texts. You send the best texts at just the right time to cheer me up! You are definately a great friend. To Yvonne, to keeping in touch and for sharing moments with me.

To all the friends I have not named, you know who you all are IF YOU HAVE KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME OVER THE WEEKES. I love you and I thank you for being there when I need you. TO MY DRY WEATHER FRIENDS: people get in touch with reality. Life is too short. You need to know to keep in touch. Don´t make me do this all alone!!

Love to everyone who reads. I will be in touch and I will tell you all about it from time to time so you can know how I am progressing. For now, its a SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But no really.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I just had to put this on my blog as it is so funny!!! Hope you all enjoy.
Have a great day,
Ms B

El Ametralladora
Son las personas que al ver a alguien en linea, envian 67 mensajes continuos. Uno cree que los médicos le pronosticaron que sólo vivirá veinticuatro horas más y están ahí para decirle a todos sus contactos, lo que ellos piensan, en un solo inicio de sesión.

El Que No Debería Estar Conectado
Sin duda éste contacto es de los que más enferman, ¿por qué estás personas se conectan? y al lado de su nick ponen: "No toy" "no molestar" "estoy en la escuela"... etc ¿para qué madres se conectan entonces?

El Bilingüe
Este es el contacto que siempre tiene al lado de su nick una frase escrita en inglés, portugués, alemán, chino, etc... ¿por qué madres creen que es "nice" escribir una frase en otro idioma? ¿Acaso está dedicada a "todos" sus contactos extranjeros?

El Celebridad
Este es el contacto que cree ser muy popular y que todos sus amigos son paparazzis persiguiéndolo, siempre colocan su actividad al lado de su nick: "jugando play" "Haciendo ejercicio" "leyendo" "comiendo con fulanito" etc... Si no estás, desconectate! si tengo que decir algo te llamo e igual me entero de lo que estás haciendo!

El Emocionado/a
Es el clásico contacto que se cambia el nick cada hora, haciendo variaciones con su nonbre o su nick, por ejemplo: "Mary!" "Marizita" "little Mary" "princess Mary", Etc...

El DJ/Locutor
Este tipo de contacto debería ser ilegal! ¿por qué chingaos nos ofrecen mostrar la música que estan escuchando? Es el que cambia su frase por el nombre de cada rola que pasa por su radio o computadora, como si a todo el mundo le importara lo que escucha y pensara que es un melómano.

El Emoticón
Este también es de los contactos que más enferma, es el que se bajo todos los pinches monitos que había disponibles o se los copio a sus contactos y coloca dibujitos hasta para la palabra "Otorrinolaringólogo", Es todo un nuevo lenguaje y no entiendes ni madre de lo que dice.

El Pescador
Es aquél que deja su MSN conectado las 24 horas del día. Si bien no está en su casa, cuando llega entra desesperado a ver si le dejaron algún mensaje o alguien trato de chatear con el y así comprobar si lo quieren o no.

El fracasado
Siempre que entra la vieja que le gusta se conecta y desconecta 77 veces por minuto, como si la chica al notarlo fuese a decir: "Hola Carlos, no sabía que me gustabas tanto hasta que vi tu manera de conectarte y desconectarte, disculpa que no me fijé antes en ti, ¿Follamos?"

El Amenazante
Es el hijo de la chingada que queremos colocar “en NO Admitir, pero tenemos muchos amigos en común y cualquiera podría delatarnos, sólo por eso seguimos teniéndolo admitido.

El Inseguro
Es el que se pasa metiéndose a páginas Como y para saber quien lo bloqueó y/o borró y al conectarse todos los contactos se dan cuenta.

El Aficionado Sentimentalista
Es el que agrega frases al lado de su nick tipo "Un amigo es uno que lo sabe todo de ti y a pesar de ello te quiere"' o "Ama hasta que te duela". Si te duele es buena señal" “Amigos hasta la muerte”. ¿Acaso se cree que con estas tonterías ayudan a alguien?

El Ejecutivo
Es el que está conectado 100% del tiempo en el trabajo y está Como "disponible", pero si le hablas no te pela, media hora después te dice "Estoy en la chamba, después hablamos". Que no mame.

El Jeroglífico
Es el clásico contacto (y también de los que más enferman) que tiene un nick lleno de signos, une atrás de otro y letras raras que ya para cuando uno termina de descifrar quien es, ya cerró sesión.

El Analfabeto
Otro más! Es el contacto que escribe palabras inventadas por ellos, como: "los amwo amiwuos" "tos tipil", "ecstremo", etc. ¿qué ya no hay escuelas públicas? ¿o siguen cerradas por lo de la influenza?.. jeje

El Cursi
Es el contacto aquel que tiene en su nick frases tales como: "Gordito-de-mi-vida-eres-lo-melor-me-me-paso", o "Que bien la pasamos anoche", "oshito sin ti mi vida no tiene Sentido". ¡Qué pedo con ellos!

El Reality Show
Es el contacto que a falta de un “Big Brother” necesita que todos sepan lo que hace minuto a minuto, poniendo nicks tipo "me estoy bañando para ir al antro", "viernes de salida con los cuates", "no me he hecho manicure hace tres semanas", “Fin de semana en la playita". ¿A quién putas le importa lo que va a hacer?

Sé sincero y veras que tu eres uno o más de los que acabo de describir ¿o no?

Friday, May 1, 2009


Every year Belizeans prepare for May 1st and the National Agricultural Fair and Show in Belmopan, the capital of this Central American country. The first Agricultural Fair was held back in the year 1971, I believe. I remember I was in primary school and we were taken on that school trip that lasted so long. It had been a rainy May Day and the red dirt of the fair grounds is still on my mind. I never wanted to go to another Agric Fair and Show and I NEVER WENT! BUT lots of Belizeans love going to the Fair on May 1st and I have heard it could be fun.
Unfortunately, with swine flu on everyone’s mind and in every conversation, the Government of Belize decided to not have the show this year. Better be safe than sorry. Too bad, but we have to take all the precautions we can.
Anyway, today was a good day. It is the first day of the rest of each of our lives. It is the first day of my new life and I have something new and exciting for Belize. As many of you know, I am the Founder and President of SUPERMAMA, BELIZE. Well, it is time to get serious and do some real good for this country and the only way we can get on the move is if we start making money to fund this project. SO I am launching B Life, Brenda Barley Life, a refreshing Nutritional Beverage that is also good for you. With our slogan HEALTH AT ALL TIMES you can get the picture. I invite everyone to read more about this wonder drink by turning to my website:
Your comments will be welcomed.
Have a great day.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Belize Electricity Limited made an announcement today that will have an effect on us over the next 4 months or so.

BEL buys electricity from a hydro-power company in Mexico. The
Mexican company announced that due to problems with their own power
plants, they will suspend the sale of power to Belize for 4 months,
starting now.
BEL advises customers to be conservative in their use of electricity.

An unexpected interruption in the supply of electricity from Mexico
caused a brief country-wide blackout last week. Both Belize and
Mexico rely heavily on water in dams to make electricity. Water
levels in reservoirs naturally drop at this time of year, making for
difficulties in generating power under "normal" circumstances. This
is also a time when brush fires tend to disrupt things in Yucatan, QR,
and Belize. If Belize has no power at all coming in from Mexico
for the next 4 months we may want to anticipate and prepare for
frequent an prolonged lapses in power.

Once again a good case for a back-up generator and well-placed surge

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Influenza - Topic Overview By Maria G. Essig, MS, ELS

The outbreak of a new form of swine flu has prompted the United States and the World Health Organization to declare a public health emergency. President Obama has called the emergency a "precautionary tool," since so far the outbreak has had only limited impact in the United States. But public health officials are scrambling to determine the extent of the outbreak.
This outbreak could peter out, like a 1976 swine flu outbreak did. Or the virus could spread easily from one person to the next, sparking a pandemic in which millions of people are infected. Richard Besser, the acting CDC director, says it's too early to say if we'll see more severe disease here in the United States. "Viruses are unpredictable and variable over time," he said yesterday. "What we say and what we learn will change."
Here's the rundown on what we know so far, as well as the options for avoiding swine flu and for treating it if you get it.
How is swine flu different than seasonal influenza and bird flu?
This is a new flu bug that includes genetic segments from human, swine, and avian flu viruses. It is an influenza A H1N1 strain, named for two proteins in the bug's protein coat. H1N1 viruses often circulate without causing major outbreaks. But since this flu virus is new, people might not have immunity to it. That's why the global public health system is on alert. No one knows where this outbreak might lead.
What symptoms would tell me I have swine flu?
Swine flu symptoms are similar to the symptoms of regular seasonal flu, according to the CDC. Those include:
-Lack of appetite
Some people with swine flu have also reported runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
How can I tell if someone sitting next to me has swine flu?
You can't. If someone is showing the symptoms described above, it couldn't hurt to keep your distance. Jeff Duchin, chief of the communicable disease section at Public Health Seattle, says it's best to say 6 feet away from someone who has the flu because the virus spreads in droplets when people talk, cough, or sneeze. Of course, your neighbor might just have a stuffy nose caused by a mild cold or seasonal allergies.
Should I be wearing a face mask, like they're wearing in Mexico?
Not unless you're taking care of a person who's sick with swine flu or are sick yourself. Wearing masks is a popular reaction to respiratory outbreaks in parts of the world, but it's not a step that the U.S. government has recommended for the current outbreak. The CDC has an online guide to using masks and respirators to prevent flu transmission.
Is there a vaccine available for this new swine flu?
No. Developing and producing a vaccine matched to this flu virus will take several months. Anne Schuchat, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said yesterday that a swine flu vaccine could be added to the seasonal flu vaccine now being produced for next fall, either as a replacement for one of the three strains in that vaccine or as an addition that makes it a four-strain vaccine.
What's the best way to avoid getting exposed to the swine flu virus?
For now, avoid people who are coughing or sick. The CDC also recommends hand washing to reduce the risk of flu. Though frequent hand washing hasn't specifically been proved to protect against swine flu, it does reduce the risk of respiratory infections generally.
What other things can I do to get my family prepared?
It never hurts to think about what you would do if swine flu hits your community hard, the CDC's Besser says. That may mean that schools would be closed, as has been done in Mexico. The federal government's pandemic flu website has suggestions on getting ready at home and at work. One example: Do you have enough food in the house to feed your family if you had to stay home for a week? You can also check with your employer to make sure the company has a plan in case of a flu pandemic. And you can prepare yourself for the possibility you'd have to work from home for a while.
Is it dangerous to eat pork?
No. This flu virus is spread from person to person by touching surfaces infected with the virus or by inhaling viruses from someone coughing. You can't get swine flu from eating pork.
What should I do if I or someone in my family is sick?
"Calling the doctor is never the wrong thing to do," says Mark Metursky, a professor of medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and immediate past chair of the chest infection network for the American College of Chest Physicians. You'll know you have the flu and not just a cold if you've got a fever of 102 or more, a headache, and muscle aches.
"If you have a respiratory infection with fever, don't go to work or school," says Duchin. To minimize the risk of infecting others, avoid traveling by air and taking public transportation if you have the flu.
People aren't at risk of swine flu for now, Metursky says, unless they have traveled to Mexico of are exposed to someone who has.
What medications work against swine flu?
Laboratory tests suggest this swine flu is susceptible to the antiviral drugs Tamiflu (oseltamivir) and Relenza (zanamivir). To be effective, these drugs need to be taken as soon as possible after a person has flu symptoms. "The sooner you talk to your doctor the better," Metursky says. The CDC has new recommendations for using antivirals to treat swine flu; people who are sick and have recently been to Mexico or who have been exposed to people with swine flu should speak with a doctor about whether to take an antiviral medication.
Should I stockpile Tamiflu?
The federal government doesn't recommend that people stockpile Tamiflu at home, saying it should be saved for people who are sick with influenza now. But many public health scientists have set aside some Tamiflu for themselves in the past few years because of concern about the possibility of a pandemic caused by bird flu. It's your call.
I'm not sick. Should I avoid traveling?
This might not be the wisest time to vacation in Cancun, but travel hasn't been banned by the CDC and WHO, so it's up to you. Airlines will let passengers to certain destinations re-book their trips at no cost. Check the CDC or WHO website before traveling, because the advisories could change at any time.
Why has the swine flu been deadly in Mexico but not in the U.S.?
No one knows for sure. It could be that Americans who've gotten infected had better, faster access to health care. Or it could be that the U.S. is just at an earlier stage in the outbreak, Duchin says. If that's the case, U.S. deaths could occur as the outbreak matures.

Where do I look for more news on swine flu?
The CDC's new swine flu website is a good place to start, for information both on the state of the outbreak and on how to keep your family healthy. Other good options:
-The World Health Organization is tracking swine flu cases worldwide.
-The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy is following swine flu, bird flu, and the possibility of a flu pandemic.
-The Infectious Diseases Society of America gears its swine flu news to doctors, but that information on treatment and avoidance is useful for individuals, too.
-The federal government's pandemic flu website provides a broad range of information on preparing for a pandemic.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


We head off for a well earned vacation and while for some of us it will not be enough, we grab what we can and make do with what we are given.

Here´s wishing everyone a blessed Easter.

Remember, no greater love has ever been shown to us than for the Son of Man to die on a cross after being cruelly treated.



Sunday, March 29, 2009


What did people do before there were digital watches?
Before the inexpensive miniaturization that became possible in the 20th century, most watches were pocket watches, which had covers and were carried in a pocket and attached to a watch chain or watch fob. Watches evolved in the 1600s from spring powered clocks, which appeared in the 1400s.

Did Phillip's head really look like a screwdriver?
Henry F. Phillips (1890 – 1958), a U.S. businessman from Portland, Oregon, has the honor of having the Phillips-head screw and screwdriver named after him. The importance of the crosshead screw design lies in its self-centering property, useful on automated production lines that use powered screwdrivers. Phillips' major contribution was in driving the crosshead concept forward to the point where it was adopted by screwmakers and automobile companies.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Star Trek Weapon in Robbery

Police: Robber used 'Star Trek' weapon

COLORADO SPRINGS (UPI) -- Authorities in Colorado said they are searching for a suspect after two 7-Eleven stores were robbed Wednesday by a man bearing a weapon inspired by "Star Trek."

Colorado Springs police said the man, described as a white and in his 20s, entered the first 7-Eleven store at 1:50 a.m. Wednesday and brandished an object described by the store clerks as a "Batleth," a sword-like weapon used by the Klingon race of aliens on the "Star Trek" movies and TV shows, KMGH-TV, Denver, reported Wednesday.

The suspect left the store with an undisclosed amount and entered the second 7-Eleven about a half an hour later. However, the clerk at the second store refused to hand over any money and the man fled the store on foot, police said.

Police said no one was injured during the incidents.

Copyright 2009 by United Press International

Sunday, February 1, 2009


It is with sadness in my heart that I write this blog tonight. On Friday, Dione Triminius, one of the YO PUEDE Group lost her mom. Consie gave up the fight against cancer.

Our prayers go to Dione and her father and the Young Family. God Bless.

Dione, we are here for you. Remember YO PUEDO, VIVIR MI VIDA Y MI MUERTE.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Just when you think that there is nothing that can shake you into realizing how good the internet is something wonderful happens.

Yesterday because of the CCC blog that I have that has been questioned by some of the people at CCC we were able to inform the family of one of our Yo Puedo Group member about family they had lost many years ago.

Abel was contacted by some people in Guatemala who were looking for their family in Corozal, Belize. He passed the information on to me in Corozal around 3pm and as we continued to chat I wondered how I would find the persons whose names he had given me. He reminded me to take down the names of the persons as we continued to chat and as I did so it dawned on me that I may know two of the three children mentioned to him. Iasked him to hold on as I texted my office and got the telephone number for one of my students of 6-1B. I then proceeded to calling the number and my student's mom answered the phone. I told he who I was and asked her if she would not mind giving me her name. She did so and I was amazed to find out she was one of the person's on the list I had been given. I communicated this to Abel and he shared a very emotional time with me as I continued to talk to the woman by phone and him by internet.

As it developed we made arrangements to visit Dona Eva once Abel arrived in Corozal last night.

With tears of joy and a quivering voice, Mrs Eva Dominguez Cano told me how happy she felt at the possibility of contacting her family whom she had lost touch with for quite some time.

Later last night just after 11pm, Abel and I visted Mrs. Eva and shared the information we had. Never a happier moment since January 1, 2009 arrived had I felt where the recipient of the blessing was someone I knew.

The power of the internet is unbelievable. I am touched by the fact that I was able to relocate lost family of one of my own students. I have taught Roger Augustine for the past two years in 2nd and 3rd Year CCC ACE. He is presently attending Sixth Form CJC ACE. Hos older brother Edwin Aroldo had also been a student of mine in 2nd and
3rd Year CCC ACE. He also attended CJC ACE and graduated two years ago.

Thanks goes to Abel Martin for being a dedicated blogger. Mucho Amor, Abel. Gracias a ti una vez mas veo la razon porque estoy a esta etapa de mi vida.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Man solves Rubik's Cube after 26 years
PORTCHESTER, England (UPI) -- A Rubik's Cube enthusiast in Britain said he has finally solved his puzzle after struggling with it for 26 years.

Graham Parker of Portchester, England, said he first bought his Rubik's Cube in 1983 and has since spent more than 27,400 hours struggling with the colored cube puzzle, The Daily Telegraph reported.

"I cannot tell you what a relief it was to finally solve it. It has driven me mad over the years -- it felt like it had taken over my life," Parker said. "I have missed important events to stay in and solve it and I would lay awake at night thinking about it.

"When I clicked that last bit into place and each face was a solid color I wept," he said.

Ray Hodgkin, a representative of the World Cube Association, the governing body for Rubik's cube competitions, said Parker's struggle with the puzzle may be the longest on record.

"I am impressed by Graham's dedication -- the Rubik's Cube can be a very frustrating thing. The WCA would like to congratulate him on his achievement," he said.

Hodgkin is easily no threat to break the world record for solving a Rubik's Cube, held by Erik Akkersdijk of the Netherlands, who finished the puzzle in 7.08 seconds, the newspaper said.

Copyright 2009 by United Press International

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I am not sure if you have noticed but I try not to be mean or sad for too long. As a teacher I am forced to be strict but at the same time I am loving and kind. I love my job and I love my students. I am told I am too soft but I don't believe students learn only from harsh attitudes. In fact I am sure they learn more from kindness and love.

However, not many of us know how to be nice ALL THE TIME. Unfortunately there will be times when we are upset with things that happen at home and we tend to wear it on our sleeve. I try not to do that but it does happen sometimes that I am upset to the point where I can't cover it up.

After all, why should we cover up our feelings? I want to suggest to everyone to go ahead and show you feelings. Even better, try to talk to someone about it. Get it off your chest. It will make you feel better faster. And if you have a blog, oh my gosh!!! Even better! You can vent all your feelings there. That is exactly what I am doing right now. I am so upset right now you wouldn't believe it. To think I was so happy last night when I went to bed and this morning when I opened my eyes to greet the new day. Unfortunately I went across the border and had my world shattered. Some people just do not care what they do and what they say. There are strange people everywhere and self centered persons whose main purpose in life is to be rude when they want to and to be happy when they want. There is a name for this and it is a sickness. It is called BI-POLAR and the patient will never accept he or she has it. In fact, they aren't aware of their attitude at all. They are in a world of their own and don't give a damn what they do and what they say.





Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This past weekend I witnessed something that has left me thinking. It is most unfortunate to say that time has gone by but the problem still remains the same in Belize. I am not bothered much if this is happening in other parts of the world, although if it is, then I feel that what I have to say can serve for those in other countries to listen and learn also.

When we arrive in this world we are greeted by our parents. The one person who will be there for us through every single thing whether it is good or bad that happens, is OUR MOTHER. They take care of us 24 hours a day when we are tiny and throughout our lives they are always there for us. Pampering us, giving us words of encouragement and tending our wounds whether physical or not. Yet somewhere on the road to adulthood we lost touch of reality. We lost touch of how much the motherly love took us through life and when the time came for us to turn around and be there for our parents, we lacked the conscience and the love to be there for them.

This is a sad reality. It is a reality that we need to change. I once read a story that a couple treated the mother of the husband really poorly. In fact she sat at a little table for all her meals away from the rest of the family. She ate out of a little wooden plate. One day, the father say his son carving away at a piece of wood and asked him what he was doing. The son replied he was preparing his father's little plate for when he would sit at the little table just like his grandmother was doing. Immediately the son realized that he had sent a wrong message and if he didn't change it, his son would treat him the way he was treating his mother.

This is the lesson we need to learn. We must give love to our elderly and our sick. We need to love our parents and grandparents. They should not have to depend on the kindness of strangers if they have us. They were there for us when we needed them. The least we can do is be there for them when they need us.


Ms. B

Saturday, January 3, 2009


January 3rd is here. Already three days into the new year. We must have plans as to what we want this year to be like. I know I have much that I want to do and things I want to enjoy.So far Christmas and the New Year were both wonderful. I usually have a great time with Carolyn and Ciarra and while I missed them tremendously this year I was okay. It would have been complete if they were all here but we phoned and that helped.

How time flies when you are busy still amazes me. There is so much we can be doing that would be insignificant and so much we can do that can add meaning to our lives. I trust that each and everyone one in the Yo Puedo Group realizes that we are not here on this earth to sit back and let others do things for us. We have got to take control of our surroundings.

This goes for things we think the government should do for us all that we can do for ourselves. Since the time of Mayor Olga Marin, the people of Corozal have been used to the idea of cleaning the area outside of their fences. well, guess what? I think it is time for the Mayor, Mr. Hilberto Campos to go one step further. The drains are in a deplorable state and we need to help keep them clean. Especially if you have a glutted drain in front of your house, and it rains, the water will be unable to flow. You then are faced with a health problem for it becomes a breathing place for mosquitoes and mosquitoes bring dengue. Presently Fifth Avenue in the area south, two blocks up from the Civic Centre has stagnant water. I believe that something needs to be done, and done fast! Let's not wait for things to get bad. Let's work together and make Corozal a better place in which we live.

Now, let's not think that we are responsible for everything in this beautiful jewel we call Belize. The streets need to be fixed. Let's leave that to the government with a notice. The tourist looks at three things when they visit:
the streets, the people and how clean the country is.

Let's work so that Corozal can be beautiful. Rememeber: we each have a role in this lifetime and mine is to help others see that Corozal can be a top class country.

Members of the Yo Puedo group, you can help make a difference. Start telling the mayor about the streets and start cleaning the drains infront of your homes.

Todos digan YO PUEDO!!

With Love,
Ms B
Yo Puedo Group

Friday, January 2, 2009


Dearest Carolyn,
This was the first year I was unable to be with you all for Christmas and New Years Day is here and I am filled with so much love and wishes for you. Daughter, you have been and will always be the joy of my life. You have been loved from the moment I found out I was carrying you in my womb. The love your father and I had for each other and the love we had when you arrived was special.

Over the years I became a single parent and that did not stop me from seeing you through high school, Sixth Form and University. Today you are thousands of miles away in Georgia, USA but you remain in my heart as the ray of sunshine that has brightened and guided me over the years.

I wish you all the best, Bibs. If Tia Brenda and Chichi were alive I know they would be so proud of all that you have achieved. I know that I am proud of you and have always been proud of you. Your successes are my successes. Keep on attaining that star that shines in your eyes and heart.

As we move into 2009, I look forward to seeing you and being with you. Keep on smiling and joking and being the best friend a mother could ask for. Baby girl, you are my greatest achievement. You are the best poem I have ever written, the best song I have ever sung and the best speech I have ever given. Reach for the unreachable and remember that you can be all you want to be.

Just say I CAN and you will be surprised at how much you will be able to do.

I love you and always will.

Ciarra, my little princess,
From the first moment I held you in my arms I knew you were grandma's girl. You are my joy and my peace. You are my blooming lily, my walking happiness. God Bless you my little angel. You are loved and you are cared for. Keep on making us proud of you. Keep on smiling and keep on learning.

Your journey of life has just begun. You have much to achieve and you will!

I love you and I miss you.

Grandma's special little star, know this: I will always be there for you. Reach out and take my hand.

All my love and kisses,
Grandma Brenda