Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today across the length and breath of this beautiful jewel many call home, is celebrated Baron Bliss Day. This great man came into our Belizean waters and viewed our wonderful jewel. Even though he never set foot on Belizean soil he loved what he saw from his ship and left to the people of Belize a trust fund that can never be used in its entirety. Only the interest can be used to construct community facilities such as markets, libraries, community centers and parks.

On such build is the Corozal Town Hall in Corozal Town. It was builds years ago and is still standing.

(Thank God, Baron Bliss stipulated that only the interest could be used because if he had not there would be no money in that account today. I bet our political leaders have squirmed and wept everytime they think of that money they can't get their hands on. Hahahahaha)